[Q] Buying a good server.

I want a server with maybe 32 slots, i want it european though. Gmod.eu is expensive as hell, and xenonservers is american… any ideas?

Best hosting service I found: https://elpishost.com/

The best choices you have are either NFOservers or Elpis Host (which the majority of people that frequent this section will support), though unfortunately neither of them (appear to) host EU servers.

ElpisHost has servers in Germany now.

Elpishost, hands down.

Use Elpishost.

Looking for a virtual or full machine then go with NFO servers looking for just one game server go with either one. Really personal preference, me I go with NFO.

Elpishost is the best host out there. Look anywhere else, you will waste money.

Not really have you seen the amazing support and machines that NFO uses their machines to run the game servers they do?

NFO>the rest

Maybe but NFO isnt known for being total bros like elpis <3

only GSP I ever used was NFO a few years back and they were really good. elpis is probably really good too based off what people are saying

Don’t use GMOD.EU never, their services are real crp their support threat clients and their webpanel is total sht.

**Hi I have been hosting server for about 2 years and by far the best cheapest host is www.ByaServers.co.uk they are very reliable they are very friendly always have time to help you get everything Fastdl , mod installer , map installer cfg editor, custom command line i get ping 4 - 17 they are very good and very quick set up within like 3 - 8 mins i have no problems for a whole year pf getting hosted by them they are great you should try them out. **

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If you don’t use ElpisHost, a raged tiger will most likely come to your house and eat you whole because you made a silly decision.

Seriously dude, this is real facts.

yes they are.