[Q] Can't launch Rust when my PS3 controller is connected to my laptop

Hey guys!
Don’t worry, I don’t play Rust with a controller, that would be… Stupid.
But a couple weeks ago, I wanted to be able to play with my PS3 controller on my laptop, because some games (racing, platformers, sports…) are way more comfortable to play with it.
Unfortunately, I was on Windows 8, and now on 10. To be able to use the controller (there is no “official” way to use it, so modified Xbox drivers are needed), I had to disable driver signature verification in Windows launch options, and it worked perfectly, but when I tried to launch Rust, I got an error from EAC telling me I couldn’t launch Rust with driver signature verification disabled.
So, I can either play Rust, or have my PS3 controller recognized by Windows.

Is there any way around it that any of you know of?
And no, I won’t buy a Xbox controller, I’m a student that just moved to another town for my Master’s, so I don’t have an extra 30-40 euros to use for that :wink:


EasyAntiCheat will not launch if driver signature verification is disabled, because EAC depends on Windows’ security model working. Unsigned drivers are a potential security hole, because drivers can hide things from EAC.

So, Rust or PS3 controller, choose only one at a time.