Q: How to log your console?

Hey there,

I’m an administrator on a Gmod server, and sometimes it comes handy to have a log of the console (client side, for later use), so everything that my console shows up, should be saved into a .txt file for example in my Gmod folder, but I have no idea how to do this, I’ve tried to use “log on”, but that doesn’t seem to log chat messages and “kill logs” and admin logs at all.

If anyone can suggest me a solution, it would be very welcome!

Kind Regards

Silent Death

Your server automatically saves logs in garrysmod/garrysmod/logs/BLA.log

I probably didn’t make myself clear enough, I’m just an Admin on the server, not the “Owner”, so I don’t have access to the server files :slight_smile:

you could put “condump” in console ans it would save a log for you. "saves the current console.log as condump000.txt… condump001.txt… "

this is only client sided by the way.

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