[Q] "if ( ... ) then" question..

Well in other languages you can do something like this:

if pl:Alive() then

How can I do that it will check either one of the conditions?

Something like this:

if (pl:Alive() || pl.Menu!=0) then

I know the method on how to do it both, trying to figure out the proper syntax for “either”

I don’t follow. You just answered your own question?

In Lua, you have “if ( a or b || c ) then”, if a OR b OR c equals to true, the if will pass, if all are false, it wont.

There’s also “if ( a and b && c ) then” which will pass only if a AND b AND c all equal to true.

The || and && are not available in normal Lua.

if A or B ?

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that’s right, “||” or even better: “or”
local a = true
local b = false

if(a or b)then
– this will execute

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I don’t understand what you’re asking; both code snippets you posted has proper syntax

Where’s the facepalm button?

thanks for the help!