Q in the middle of the screen

Im pretty much assure that this is a game problem not an addon problem.
But if im wrong, sorry. But please help.
Anyway :words: , theres a Q in the middle of my screen

If any suggestions please tell.

(5 screens incase . )Screenshot for the Q: http://prntscr.com/6m61va
Another screenshot of the Q but on another website: (if above doesnt work.)

Other screenshots: (none atm)

Did you install any lua files when the Q started to appear, or change any config files for ULX or something?

Verify your game. Possibly remove resource/ and do that again.

You are missing a font that the crosshair is from.

No I dont think so. Though I could remove them all.

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If I remove the resource how am I suppose to get it back? And also how am I surpose to verify my game?

Verifying game cache restores all deleted files.