Q Menu cleaned up on joining a server. . .

Basically, I think it’d be nice if the client would check what STools, SEnts, SWeps, models, etc that it has (i.e. that you have) but the server you joined doesn’t.

Anything you have but the server doesn’t wouldn’t show on your Q menu while you’re in that server.

The reason I’d like this is it would just make the Q Menu cleaner in general while you’re on a server. I have a lot of SWeps and SEnts, but when I join a server, they all tend to clutter up the screen. The same goes for STools, and it’s sometimes easy to overlook what STools or Entities a server has that you don’t because they get lost in the clutter.

I like this idea, it would make things a lot cleaner. Sometimes I start to build something that absolutely needs this particular tool, but when I’m finished I find out that the server doesn’t have it.

Yeah this sounds pretty cool

Yeah, selecting a npc on a server that doesn’t have that particular npc is deadly.

Yes. That way we won’t fall into the trap of attempting to spawn an NPC, see the “You can’t spawn this NPC!” message, having already closed out the Q menu, and be unable to find your mouse.

We need people to make many more yes…es. Come on people! Say it with me! YES!

This idea sounds great! Perhaps an extra option in the Options tab on the Q menu that enables/disables this action.

Hmm i supporting this suggestion, we needed this for a long time.

It’s a good idea, but I doubt it’d be implemented.

I agree.

This thread should have been a vote.

How about some kind of list that appears when joining the server at the loading screen that displays what the server has and what the client has, so you can decide whether or not it’s worth it to finish joining?


That is by far the most annoying shit ever implementing in any game ever.