Q menu coninues to crash my game

Every time i open the q menu and am on any map except gooniverse the game crashes and says that some memory was referend to and could not be “read”. What the hell is still going on?

PC specs?

The only problem i can come up with is that my DX hardware level is 8, but gmod ran fine when i bought it. No crashes, and i got some addons too(yes, including PHX and Wire, want to fight about it?), and it was fine.


I’m still saving for a new motherboard and graphics card.

Go into your FIRST garrysmod folder, and rename the SECOND garrysmod folder to like “garrysmod1”. WHen you start gmod, it will create a new garrysmod folder with nothing in it. Try it then, without any addons. If it works, add your addons one at a time until it breaks. THis is way beter than reinstalling.

Hey thanks, i’ll try that. NOw, i forgot;how do you ake a gatespawn file? i have stargate mod

OK, i tried that, and got somewhere: It didn’t fix the crashes, but i found that for some reason, i can only open the q menu in any game if that map has a gatespawner file. It even crashed without them after i went clean!

full reinstall did it, but not life support doesn;t work with CDE…