Q menu Crash

Hey guys, Recently I got an extremely good computer that can run crysis on maxed out settings, but when I run gmod and press q menu (in SP and MP but less in SP)

I crash.

Its often the first time I press and if it doesnt crash then, it doesnt crash at all in sp. but if it doesnt crash the first time in mp it still might crash later.


Q menu crashes gmod.

(And yes I’ve sent garry the crash log and done all the things mentioned in the sticky)

I’m getting this too, it’s a recent thing for me and nothing about my PC has changed.

I have the same problem, after the latest GMod update it’s been nothing but crashes. Start up GMod, switch to toolgun, and press Q menu. Crash. Repeat and rinse five-ten times before it decides to stop wanting to piss me off, at which point I can use the Q menu, but it crashes after as well. Then I go through the same routine… again.

Use -dxlevel 81 in the launch options. Also, don’t compare it to crysis. They’re two different games with two different engines. Gmod pushes source to the absolute limit, thus creating more problems.

-dxlevel 81 won’t fix anything, because it was working perfectly fine before. It seems to work randomly, but a fix that mostly works but takes quite a lot of time is to go into singleplayer first, then multiplayer.

yeah it’s basically at random, anyways I reinstalled my drivers and that seemed to reduce the frequency of the crashes, but It could be just me.


btw i have dx100 on my computer so…

Bump, I really need to fix this. I can’t even play gmod.

same here i can only shoot but when i open spawn menu i crash. sometimes i get as far as to being able to spawn vehicles and weapons and entities but not original objects! this sucks! and ive already reinstalled gmod 2x cause of sound problems or other stuff