Q Menu dosen't work online


I was recently playing on some RP servers and my Q menu wouldn’t work online,It works in SP fine but it won’t work online. Any Help?

It doesn’t work for me niether :frowning:

Oh thanks!
Very Helpful.

Mine is broke aswell, usually when it breaks it magically fixes its self.

But ever since an update several months ago it broke and has yet to fix it’s self.

Most people would tell you that the server is not up to date and you are so that is why it is not working.

But for me it occurs with every server…so…I’m not sure what to think.

I experience the same problem with the server on my computer, and when I ran the update tool for the server, it fixed the problem. It seems that it is a server side problem.

But why does it work for some and not for others?

And yes I am up to date and when I go into any server the Q menu doesn’t work and it does for everyone els.:confused:

Well i’m reinstalling my GMOD Server becuase it does not work for me either, Well it does but the prop box is tiny.

I remember once when i had assmod installed then went online with it my q menu didn’t work. so i hope it helps some of you. if not try uninstalling each addon till you find the one causing it.

You need to visit updated servers.

It is not a addon doing this.

I just updated my GMOD Server to the latest version from steam content servers, It is still doing the same.

Luk3Gou1D, you haven’t got any answers yet, shouldn’t you make more lovely sarcasms?

This could be it. I’ve been having the same problem and the only thing I’ve downloaded recently is Assmod (I sometimes host a listen server)

I downloaded ASSMod aswell…
I changed to ULX now, but I haven’t tried to spawn.
I’ll come back to that later.

I’m going to test if this is assmod now… Ill update in a sec.

I can tell you its 99% Assmod try uninstalling i just did and it works!

Yep it was assmod for sure… i deleted assmod and it worked again :wink:

ice got ass mod to an my menu dosent even show up at all. Not any thing it’s not even there

It’s assmod. Removed it and it worked fine. :smiley:

Yea it was definitely assmod. Ive been trying to figure this out for a long time now. Thanks guys.

I can agree with you that it could be assmod, but i have completely reinstalled steam with all of its games and this problem persists

Im running vanilla gmod and i still cant bring up the q menu or have a toolgun

Well that was helpful -.-

I have the issue… I have vinally gmod, everything works in single player but on mulitplayer I can’t bring up a single thing. No spawn menu, no player list… this is getting to be very frustrating.