q menu fail on multiplayer!!

hi, I’m having probulems with the build menu, it works fine on singleplayer but when im on ANY server and i try to press q for build menu, it gives me one line of lua spam each time i press q… whats wrong?

Some servers have different addons that effect binds, such as I have my wire emitter list binded to p, while if I go to a server that has madcow weapons, p is the bind for instantly more ammo.
Once you join the server rebind q to the q menu in the options, then when you come back it should work again and on sp.

it gives me LUA SPAM! each time i try on multiplayer, singleplayer is fine, so i know its not a bind thing becouse it gives me lua code.

Dude… it’s the LUA conflicting with the binds, the guy knows what he’s talking about.

oh, thanks, but how come ALL servers do that?