Q menu is distorted and parts are missing

can someone help? i recently updated my driver and that did not help… my background on the start menu is distorted as well… if i open a drop down menu the menu dissappears and i fly blind… could someone help me out? when i press “q” to open the menu is half there…

You could try reinstalling GMod. To do that, simply change the name of this folder:

steam/steamapps/your name/garrysmod/**garrysmod**

Then launch Gmod the normal way. Steam will now create a new garrysmod folder.
If this fixes your GMod, good job. If not, you can just delete the new folder and change the name of the old one back.
If you want to keep your addons, simply cut/paste them.

i did that… it still happens… i think it might be my video card but im not sure… i reinstalled and tried it without addons and it persisted