Q menu just working in SP

Hi, in GMod i cant open my spawn menu in multiplayer…just singleplayer!!! i tryed binding the key to Q by using the command: "bind Q “+menu” and i tryed it in the options menu but still nothing!! And i just changed my mouse bats and checked connection!!! and my q works see: QQQ

You sure the server you are going on doesn’t have a gamemode where there is no use for the Q menu?

I have the same problem…can some one help…

This happened to me once because my ASSMod screwed around. Dunno if you have the same problem though. If you have ASSMod installed, try to remove it first. As a last resort, you should probably reset your GMod by renaming the garrysmod folder in your Steam/steamapps/<user name>/ folder to something like garrysmod.old and carefully copy addons back one by one. You should be able to rule the faulty one out

I have the same problem…
I didn’t play GMod for 2 weeks cuz i have this problem…

I also have this problem,ill post the vid of it later, to help the problem.

Maybe if you change your avatars… weird

Sorry, but when?


Anyways, is it easy to fix this prob?


Edited my avatar. Happy now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Look at my previous post. That fixes the Q menu bug.

Please can some1 help me with TeamViewer?
So you can see which stuff i have, an maybe is the problem…


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