Q menu not working in friend's server and i cant host

When I join a friends server through tunngle, the q menu doesn’t work, ive been told if i host and have him join me, it will fix this (as it did with his other friends) but when i host it gets stuck on “establishing connection” and goes back to the main menu, (it sometimes does this in singleplayer as well.) How can I fix this?

Some Specs:
2gb RAM
Pentium D 2.8Ghz
Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit
i dont think the GPU has much to do with it.


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Have you tried all the usual stuff? Like reinstalling and stuff?

Have you forwarded your ports?

This thread was made for me, thank you, Al.

No, and I don’t fucking plan to. I’ve got way too many addons and shit to reinstall it, plus I just don’t fucking want to.

No, me and captainomnom used Tunngle. We just wanted to play together we didn’t want a real server.


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Copy addons folder to desktop. Problem solved.

Better yet, cut or simply move it.

“,plus I don’t fucking want to”

My brother spends an assload of time playing WoW and I wont have enough time. plus a lot of stuff I have is not saved into the addons.

I don’t want to find a job, but I need to.

If it’s your computer, kick him off, he needs to go outside once in a while. Damn WoW nerds. If it’s his computer though…

Either you did that to be an idiot or they’re likely bad addons and not worth keeping. The only thing that SHOULDN’T be in an addons folder is a Lua module, and those are small compared to, say, PHX.

I have this issue, I reinstalled gmod and added PHX and Wire, the problem didnt go away, i reinstalled AGAIN and I still have this issue. it has something to do with sandbox gamemodes.

no i had this problem when other friends joined my server, i had them host, i join, and from there on out whenever they joined my server the q menu works in my server for them. but thats where the “Cant host, it crashes” problem comes into play.


great analogy my friend.

Then get out of this thread, because we can’t help you.

It’s family computer, and hes a fucking Nazi about it.

Anyway, Liek captain omnom said the Q menu isn’t working for me in his server which is what I’m more concerned about. I hardly give half a fuck about starting it.