Q menu not working in MP/Broken scoreboard.

Hello Facepunch. Well last night, I spent about an hour getting a bunch of SVN shit for SpaceBuild, and when I went into a spacebuild server to play, I couldn’t access my “Q” menu, and my scoreboard is all fucked up saying “Base Gamemode”, and the names are yellow. :bang: This problem doesn’t occur in single player, but it does happen on any multiplayer server on any gamemode.

Shit I installed right before this happened:

Stargate-Mod 0.9

Life Support 3

SpaceBuild gamemode

Resource Distribution 3



Life Support 3

SpaceBuild Model Pack Alpha 2

Custom Addon Framework

Gas Systems 2

Mining Addon

Black Hole Cache

Resource Transit Systems

Removed all these addons from my addons folder, Scoreboard and Q menu still fucked up.

Are you exporting the SVN’s to the Addon folder? or downloading straight to them?

What he means is, do you have a whole bunch of folders that make your addons directory look like your garrysmod/ directory? Or do you have individual folders for each addon and inside there is something like info.txt

Until you see an info.txt in every addon folder, i think you’re fUx’d.

I created an individual folder for each addon on my desktop, then I moved them into my addons folder from there.


Sandbox works now… So far, it’s the only working gamemode for me…