Q menu problem

Everytime i try to open my Q menu nothing happens! I have tried to change the binds, reinstall the game and defragment the files, but the problem is still there! i have tried on both multiplayer and singleplayer, but it wont work!

Seriously, another identical thread to your previous one? :cop:

no, he crashed when opening it, but mine just wont show up


when i try to open my q menu, nothing shows up… his game crashed when he tried, i don’t crash, my Q menu just wont show up…

… his game CRASHES my game DON’T CRASH…

What? Who’s game?

the guy in the last post u say is identical… http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=730342

im having the same problem someone help

May or may not work: Hit ESC, go to options, under the keyboard settings, and hit “Use Default Settings.”

i also have this problem no idea what it is or what miht cause it



that helped me

Oh shi…

What? what game?

Cut the meme shit.

You just lost

So did i

My friends was fixed by deleting his dua file from his cache.