Q Menu/Spawn Menu and Tool gun don't show up and Admin help

Yes at first I tried searching on facepunch but that was disabled because of my account type. Now the problems I have are 2 problems. The first problem I have is that I dont even see the tool gun under weapons, in fact column 6 is isnt even on the list for weapons, so I guess camera isn’t working either. Part 2 of the first problem is that I cant even open up the spawn menu AT ALL. When I press Q, it doesnt even pop up, no grey box, no error signs, not even a error text on the side of the screen. Yes, I did try bind q +menu and I even tried bind q “+menu”. Nothing works!!!
EDIT: The spawn menu and tool gun work perfectly fine in single player though.
Now for my second problem, I own a server but I can’t manage to get sandbox options under the ULX menu, nor can I manage settings for teams. There is probably a lot more that i cant do now. I tried everything: rcon_password ******** then rcon ulx adduser CAVETROLL superadmin 1, Yes it may have worked, I did become super admin, but it still wont let me edit it. I also tried shutting down my server completely and deleting everything that has to do with Ulib and ULX, then reinstalling it (I use the SVN version), then redoing the rcon stuff. It still worked but I still cant edit sandbox settings and the team settings.
Now I think the problem with the first one (Spawn menu and Tool gun), is there is something wrong with the C:\srcds\orangebox\garrysmod\gamemodes\sandbox and in there there is a lua that is messed up.
With the second problem, I HAVE ABSOLUTLEY NO IDEA HOW TO FIX IT.
I really need help with this, cause I already posted a request thread on facepunch. But that is another story.
EDIT:If someone can tell me how to fix these or make a video of how to fix these problems, I will be most grateful.