Q Menu toggle.

Is possible what when i hit Q menu appears and only disappears when i hit Q again?
I am tired of pressing Q button while search props or things…
Thanks in advance.

Many thanks NightmareX91, it works well :slight_smile:

Put this in autoexec or something:

alias menu_t "menuon"
alias menuon "alias menu_t menuoff; +menu"
alias menuoff "alias menu_t menuon; -menu"
bind "q" "menu_t"

Why don’t you type this into the console, and pressing Enter when it looks like this:

bindToggle "q" "+menu"

Valve Developer Community says something about “incrementvar”

BindToggle only works for convars.

Actually, just press f1

Either way works, but F1 only works if you don’t have an addon that uses the hook.

When you first start the game, open the menu once, then press F1, the menu will stick, or you can put 1 letter into the search box and leave it there while you browse.