Q props list on my server broken

I recently finshed re-doing my Dedicated server, and everything works fine except the Q menu. When I open it up, i have this vast blank space where the props should be, and the only way i can spawn props properly is via the “browse” tab. All of the tools and other entity tabs etc. work fine, only the props tab. If anyone knows how to fix this, then please tell me.

This only happens on My server, and the little box you se in the corner does scroll up and down and you CAN, infact, spawn the props… but it is rather small, and you cannot change from spacebuld models to anything else

Lol you downloaded a sabotage lua file youll have to clean every gmod downloaded file to fix it sand be more carful its not i virus but it corrupts gmod its just a kid with lua knoledge sort of like a minge bag

If that’s a dedicated server it probably needs to be updated.

Gore wrath is right. Server needs updating. Davidjjp is talking rubbish. It’s not an lua virus, it’s not aids or anything else that extreme. I think there needs to be a sticky somewhere that tells you what to do if that happens, I’m seeing too many of these threads.

thank you all so much… updating server now.

Edit: well that sucks, i updated the server, and still i get the same. This time i noticed an error in the console when i first opened the q menu:
sandbox\gamemode\spawnmenu\CreationMenu\Props.lua:231: attempt to call method ‘SetTopMax’ (a nil value)
sandbox\gamemode\spawnmenu\CreationMenu\Props.lua:231: attempt to call method ‘SetTopMax’ (a nil value)

not sure if this is anything to do with it, but its worth posting anyway

Delete those two files. They are doing it.

Delete the two files!!

k will try that… thanks again… will post again if is fixed or not

Edit: Yay, that worked… thank you all so much… my server works now :slight_smile: i am very pleased :quagmire:

:hellnaw: :siren: no longer post on this dead thread please :siren: :hellnaw:

Same thing happened to me Posty.