Q/SpawnMneu issues with sv_downloadurl running

Every once in a while some people have been complaining that their “Q” menu has not been working, but ever since the recent gmod update almost every person has been having problems (The Error they get is: ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘HUDPaint’ Failed: sandbox/gamemode/cl_init.lua:74: attempt to call). Now several people inducing myself do not have the issue (mostly people who been on the server before), but majority of the new players are. I went around asking and it they claim it works fine on other servers and in single player. My only conclusion is that i have messed up FastDL (sv_downloadurl). i don’t know whats wrong with it, i have updated the cache every time i have installed things on the server, i have added all the sounds materials maps lua etc files on the web server but i have a feeling something is still wrong… or i am forgetting to add a important file.

If anyone could point out what i am doing wrong or if you have had the same problem it would be much help :stuck_out_tongue:

my players have same problem

hmm I may have answered my own question on this one … i went around checking the permissions and i guess i did not have the files chmoded correctly, i changed all the files to 775 and reuploaded the cache files (also good idea to clear out the cache on server every once in a while) and ever since i did al that no one has complained so either that worked or there was an update that fixed it. give it a try and see if changing the permissions helps.