Q: Why did VALVe ban Alyx's Rifle? A: Recoil.


I don’t quite get it.

Q: That. /
A: It is late, I am tired, and like these pictures, this response has no reason.

You know Alyx’s Gun Right?
This was intended to have different forms and and firing modes, this is Full auto mode.
Anyway, joke is not to great, dont make much sense ether, No way a gun like that would have THAT
much recoil.

Q: Why do you
A: Type like this?

This is very true. The joke is NOT at all funny.

+1 dumb

EDIT: Hahahaha lolz3 rating me dumb. The irony.

I don’t find the subject funny at all, but the posing and general execution made me smile a bit.

Keep working on it.