QC Compile - Eyeball Error! Can someone help?

I have a problem… I decompiled a model and when I will it compile it says that:

ERROR: c:\users	omek\desktop
owy folder\mdldecompiler.qc(7): - can't find eyeball texture "eyeball_r" on model
ERROR: Aborted Processing on 'Humans\Group01\Female_24.mdl'

Now i have searched up google but I went into nothing… I opened all files in a text editor, and in the file “female_24_reference.smd” are only lines defined, like:


And there are 1920 lines of that!

That’s weird! I tried to change the lines:

eyeball righteye ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1 -1.134 -2.786 64.946 eyeball_r 1.000  4.000 refugee_sheet 0.660
eyeball lefteye ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1 1.133 -2.786 64.946 eyeball_l 1.000  -4.000 refugee_sheet 0.660


eyeball righteye ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1 -1.134 -2.786 64.946 eyeball_k 1.000  4.000 refugee_sheet 0.660
eyeball lefteye ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1 1.133 -2.786 64.946 eyeball_k 1.000  -4.000 refugee_sheet 0.660

And now, the model is compiling, but I see only one eye… That’s not what i wanted.

Can somebody say, what I’m doing here wrong?
Thanks all in advance.

You have to apply a texture called eyeball_r to the right eye of the model, and eyeball_l to the left eye.

Split the material into two materials and go with eyeball_kl and eyeball_kr or something similar. You can use the same textures for your eyes, but the engine expects two different materials, one for each eye.

Ok, nice. But how I do that?

Sorry, but I’m a beginner in something like this.

Dragon52225: Thanks! That worked, and I figured it out! Thanks All for help! :slight_smile:

or even better yet, open up the model in notepad or something and find what materials it’s actually using for the eyeballs.

I think that’s what the material eyeball_k.bmp is. If one eye is working, then the material is definitely the one the model is using, but since the eyes generate the data based on material and each eye is ran separetely, you need two different materials.