[QC] Defining multiple sequences plus poseparam

hi guys!

so im working on a turret model which is supposed to have the following sequences:

-base (some generator stuff moving, this should autoplay)

-active (lays over base)
-gunshot (lays over base, shoots with the turret’s gun)
-rocketshot (lays over base, shoots with the turret’s launcher)

(those three should replace each other and not overlay)

and a poseparam which should work at all times for the left right turning. (luckily the turret doesnt turn up or down, although im already having problems as is)

the current issue is that only the baseanimation plays in game and the poseparams work. nothing happens if i set the prop to play any of the three sequences. same goes for inside hlmv. base animation is being played, and the turret moves along with the poseparam.

current qc animation stuff:

$poseparameter lr -1 1

$animation basestock "anims\base.smd"
$animation lr_idle "anims\leftright.smd" frames 1 1 subtract basestock 0
$animation lr_left "anims\leftright.smd" frames 0 0 subtract basestock 0
$animation lr_right "anims\leftright.smd" frames 2 2 subtract basestock 0

$sequence turret_lr {
    lr_left lr_idle lr_right
    blendwidth 3
    blend lr -1 1

$sequence base "anims\base.smd" loop fps 1 autoplay addlayer turret_lr
$sequence active "anims\active.smd" {
	subtract basestock 0
	fps 3
	addlayer turret_lr
	addlayer base
$sequence gunshot "anims\gunshot.smd" {
	fps 8 addlayer turret_lr
$sequence rocketshot "anims\rocketshot.smd" {
	fps 8 addlayer turret_lr

im not really sure what to do here. im pretty much out of options, ive read stuff on valvedeveloper, looked at decompiled models, and googled the shit out of the net. its really hard to find any sort of tutorial, theres only like the brief descriptions of the keywords on the valvedeveloper wiki.
thanks for any input

(who unfortunately plays more tf2 than city of heroes these days)