QC eyes Issue

Well I was trying to figure out the basic stuff you need for eyes in the SDK but I got this weird thing going on.


Any clues as to what I did wrong?

Also Here is the QC file text.

$modelname “props/Eye_Test_2.mdl”

$body mybody “Eye_Test_2.smd”

$surfaceprop “default”

$sequence idle “idle” loop fps 15.00

$collisionmodel “Eye_Test_2.smd”

$cdmaterials “models/props”

$model flextest “Eye_Test_2.smd” { // must use $model, not $body, and “{” must be on the same line
flexfile “Eye_Test_2.vta” { // source of vertex animations
defaultflex frame 0 // relaxed position
flex “Default” frame 1
flex “Blink” frame 2
flexcontroller my_group “Default” “Blink” // defines controllers that will appear in Faceposer etc.

eyeball righteye “root” -1.98 0.32 0.00 “Eye_R” 1.00 4 “pupil_r” 0.63
eyeball lefteye “root” 1.98 0.32 0.00 “Eye_L” 1.00 -4 “pupil_l” 0.63