QC eyes orientation in Blender

When Im using the qc eyes to create the eye position info for compiling, there is an option for which 3D platform your reading the coordinates from :
3D Platform
Y Axis Up (XSI,MAYA)
Z Axis Up (MAX)

what do I choose for Blender?

Blender uses Y axis up by default.

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(by the way this is the wrong subforum! you should have posted this in modeling. i’m moving it over)

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Thanks dude, and sorry for the double post , I dont know how to delete the previous one.

Z axis is up. I got blender open right now. opening an smd file with the import script and the y axis being up usually makes the imported model become flat on it’s back.

ah …ok…hmm I guess I’ll have to try it out.

you uh… did correct the rotation of your model after you imported it right?