.QC file for a prop

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But, long story short i need a example .QC file, since gmod props have weight, and stuff i though i may need a example one, since i dont have any.
Can you(yes you!) post a .QC file for a prop, so i can edit it to fit mine.

The page includes a simple sample one, and has links to descriptions of every known QC command.

I though there will be gravity etc. and stuff, sample seems ‘too short’ for me, can you just give example :slight_smile:
a) reply question
b) just post a example <<<<<< choose this
c) dont even answer <<< get away from this

$cd "location of .smd"
$scale "1" 
$modelname "model output"
$model "model name" "reference.smd"
$surfaceprop "" 
$cdmaterials "path for materials"
$sequence idle "reference.smd" fps 30.00
$collisionmodel "reference.smd" 

	$mass 30.0
	$inertia 30.00
	$damping 0.01
	$rotdamping 1.50

The compiler automatically calculates the mass and such. There’s overrides, in case that messes up, but it should work 99% of the time.

Thanks <3

I dont think it can calculate weight of water box and sand box, which in same size.
(i dont modeled that thing obviously but… :p)