QC file for playermodel with custom proportions

Hi, I have rigged a character to a valve.biped skeleton whose bones have been modified to accomodate the proportions of said character; my question is: which lines do I have to add to the QC file to enable the custom proportions in-game?


I uploaded an example QC file which was made entirely from scratch as opposed to using a decompiled QC. It also uses proportions.


This code here handles almost everything:

$sequence reference "animations/reference" fps 1

$animation a_proportions "animations/proportions" subtract reference 0
$sequence proportions a_proportions predelta autoplay

You may also want to generate a table with $definebone on everything to ensure it all works.

I assume “reference” is the SMD of the original skeleton and “proportions” is the SMD of the custom skeleton, right?

The reference animation is made to duplicate the rotational values from the proportions skeleton, but other than that, yes.

Ok, so I’ve tried doing that and here’s the result:


As you can see the ragdoll is perfectly fine (even the finger-posing works!) but the player (me) is reduced to a sub-humanoid mutant, what’s the problem?

Actually it looks pretty okay other than the pauldrons. Are you using any helper bones or have you weighted those to a separate bone at all?

The pauldrons are rigged to the upper-arm bones; but the thing that buggs me the most is the neck (or lack their of).

Send me the QC/SMD set if that’s okay then. I can probably crack it open and figure out what we missed far more quickly than making another handful of posts while we isolate it.

That’s absolutely fine with me, just tell me your e-mail (via private message maybe) and I’ll send everything.

It’s preferable that you use a download site such as mega, mediafire, google drive, or really whatever you want as long as it supports it. From there, just send me the link via PM, add me on Steam (click the button below my post count), or post it here.