.Qc File/Texturing

Hey so I just got back into modeling and reinstalled my computer so I was wondering if someone can provide me with a pure .qc file that I will need for bring a model to Gmod, (Perhaps go the extra way and provide an example of what each line does again, I seem to forget how .qc works)

Secondly if anyone wouldn’t mind telling me how I go about bring a texture alongside my model into gmod that would be great, I use Blender & I already have VTFEdit/Crafty(Do I even need crafty?) / Crowbar for the compiling

I have a bunch of templates here.

If you ever forget what a specific command does you can always look it up on the wiki.

I’ve looked at your template and it seems to focus on Playermodel/ragdoll? Not the type of model am doing

Secondly thanks link to the wiki

What is it then? A prop? The QC for those is even simpler, just a $modelname, $model, $cdmaterials, $collisionmodel, and $sequence. That’s it.

Yes a prop, Some may be used for Sweps, Could you make me a pure .qc for a prop?

Also is there any different for models that are being used as Sweps?

Thirdly Do you got some insight for my texturing part?

Here’s an example prop QC.

$definevariable modelName Cap
$definevariable modelFile $modelName$.smd

$modelname SD/Props/$modelName$.mdl

$model $modelName$ $modelFile$

$cdmaterials models/SD/Props/

$sequence idle $modelFile$

$surfaceprop cloth

$collisionmodel phy.smd
	$mass 10
	$inertia 10
	$damping 0.01
	$rotdamping 1.5

Like I said, very simple.

SWEPs are a completely different story.

For materials you need to convert the image files into VTFs and generate VMT files for them.

Gonna try out your .QC sample with the info I’ve got and hopefully do it well, I’ve added you on steam hoping to discuss with you some more if you don’t mind