.qc files, mdl files skins help!

im making a 69 charger, and i have 3 skins, .vtf files. all of them are nice and i want to use them all but i cant do this without making 3 cars, i have the skin switcher tool for gmod and i think it will do the trick.

but im unsure how to do this.

i saw some stuff on the valve developer page:

$texturegroup skinfamilies
{ “<skin_0>” }
{ “<skin_1>” }

this is said to go into a .qc file, which i know is associated with .mdl files.

idk how im supposed to edit these qc files or where to find them, how to make them anything really. ive searched pages of facepunch under models/skins but i couldnt find anything on using multiple skins.

i have the 3 skins, my vmf and vtf files, i have the mdl, phy, etc files for my model, you can drive the car in gmod, with 1 of 3 skins but i want all three, if not more.

can ANYONE give me any lead on this problem, i have almost no modeling experience.

thank you-postman

To add or change skins to a model, you need all the source files, or .smd’s.
What you have are already compiled. (.mdl .phys)

Obviously you didn’t make the model, but if you want to get the source files you can use cannon fodders decompiler, search google for it. cannon fodders decompiler will get all of the .smd’s and even create a .qc file for you.

thanks man! ima go try that now hopefully it will work :smiley: