[QC/FR/BE] Fresh 20/02/2014 server. Doorshare/Sleeper/HalfCraft/PvP/Airdrops Active admin, No abuse, No wipes. French community.


Hello everyone.

We are serious admins, you will not see abuse from us. No, we won’t make a huge tower that we did not farm for. No, we will not activate godmode to hunt you. No, We won’t fly around the map. No, We won’t magically make c4 appear to raid your house.
We are players, just like you, except we have the power and ability to help you, and we give you the tools to help yourself (see the mods section). This also means you are allowed to kill the admins, bash rocks to their heads, follow them while yelling like madmans, raid our shitty made houses, steal all our crap, and you won’t have to be afraid of any consequences because, oh shit, were the admins!

List of current mods :

DeathHandler (see’s who kills you, with what, and at what distance)
AirDrop Frequency (Allows us to better configurate the rate of airdrops)
Owner Removal tool (Allows you to remove pieces OF YOUR OWN HOUSE, perfect to prevent griefing, or to delete that damn pillar that you messed up)
Admin Removal tool (For those occasions where the Owner Removal tool may not be enough, or buggy, just ask and we’ll help you remove griefing attempts)
Where (Tells you your coordinates on the map, your area (based on rustmap.net) and what direction you’re facing, perfect to know where you are, and where to go!)
Location (Tells you your coordinates. If you log to rustnuts.com, you can see yourself on the map in realtime, it’s a gps tracker for rust, pretty much!)
Arena games (We have a custom built arena, we host Gungames, Deathmatch and Last Man Standing, we offer prizes when there are enough participants)
Starter kits (Simple command to help you start, Max 3 times redeem)
More to come, based on our needs.

The server features HalfCraft and Sleeper, we will NEVER wipe the server, you won’t have to be afraid to loose everything you worked for the past 17hours straight you played.

The rules are simple, stay polite and do not grief (we consider griefing messing with people’s houses for the only purpose of messing their houses up, like ceiling in stairs. Attaching foundations and putting stairs to raid people IS allowed).

Also PvP is PvP, if you get killed, don’t complain about it (we don’t mind a little trash-talk, but don’t go overboard ^^)

So here it is, I tried my best to explain what we have to offer, what you can expect and what kind of tools you have at your disposition. We hope you like our server, we accept suggestions, ideas, love and hugs.

Server name : [CA/US][DoorShare,Slp,1/2Craft,PvP,AirDrops,Arena,Kits]
Server IP : net.connect

If you have any questions about the server, do not hesitate to post them here, or drop by our server! Hope to see you there :slight_smile:

Come join us!

We are reaching over 10players constantly now, which means there are frequent airdrops now (every hour), we will still play with the airdrop numbers accordingly. Come join us!

The server has been going well lately, peaking at 25players, we are still looking to expand our community.