I am making some models, I just want to spawn them and make them colided, like a normal gmod prop!

Can anyone send me a qc code?

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I am making a model for a swep too, I need a qc for that!

For a generic prop, you’ll most likely use a .QC along the lines of this:

$cd "<drive letter here>:\location\of\reference\files\here" //This is optional for most people, but some users may need to actually have this listed in their .QC for varying reasons.

$modelname "location\of\file\<name of file>.mdl"

$body "studio" "<your referenced file here>.smd"

$cdmaterials "models\location\of\your	extures\filled\out\here"

$surfaceprop "<name>"

$sequence "idle" "idle.smd" {
	fps 1

$collisionmodel "<your referenced file here>.smd"  //You can either create a physics model yourself (minimum thickness has to be about 0.5 Source units), or reference the file you  pointed to in the $body line.
	//You can leave this field blank, but this section is to meant for extra syntax options to better define how your collision model is set up.

For SWEPs, I honestly have no clue how the .QC is set up for those. I don’t make them, so someone else would have to provide that information; all I know is that SWEPs also make use of LUA from what I can recall, so you may need to ask in the Programming section about that.

Okay thank you