[QC] NewTown PVE/p SERVER (2014) Mature/Active admin Ox1.10

Server Hosted by Multiplay
-PVE server with player kill enabled
-Good plugin installed for player
-Active admin
-Server is french but anyone can join(Open to all)
-No admin abuse
-Great support from Admin

Community web site : http://newtownrust.com

Direct connect = open console tab (F1) type : net.connect

Everyone is welcome !

Looking for

NewTown is looking for New Admin
-Respect is priority
-No admin abuse is tolerate
-French speacking is priority

admin a éviter Mr.Hater

je vous deconseil se serveur fortement les admin fon de l abu pourvoir moi et met 2 friend sais fait tuer par un admin en god mode pendant quon essayer de pilier une base ATTENTION

First is English forum talk in english !
Second anyone kill you and you find a reason for discredited this player (If i’am not an admin you use Cheater and what ever) My community support me and i never admin abuse)