[QC/US/FR]StarterKit|DoorShare|FastCraft|NoCraftC4+Addon|Oxi de!!|16.1.14!

Hi to all

All welcome :smiley:

New server open 16.1.14!

About plugins:

Doorshare / CraftC4 disabled / FastCraft /Starter kit+ posibility to make group and Much more other to come =)

we are 2 admins at the moment and we want to offer an experience of great games for all players

Give the admin is totally PROHIBITED so no admin abuse

We will also be listening to the community so that everyone can enjoy good of the game

Admin willconsiders as another player and You can kill them without consequence , of course =)

Concerning the rules :

Not much to report … Cheat = insta ban

the server is dated January 15, 2014 , so very recent nice to start and I also specifies that the server will live as long as there active players

the website and the forum come soon =)

Server Name:



Slot 100 (Enlargement when necessary)

Mumble server available

Sleeper = On
PVP = On
FastCraft = On
DoorShare = On

So now if you have any questions ask =)

We wait for you =)

30 peolple online now !join us =)

Join ! need more people =)

Hello. i was wondering if you guys need any admins? my name is willson. but everyone calls me will. im 18. and i an handle most situations with logical calm answers. so if you could. contact me on steam at Willson150. id love to hear from you guys

all its okay willson150 thanks =)

Up :smiley: Join us =)

Starter kit for all, join! =)