Quack Anti Cheat [Public Release]


free AC, detects 99% of current publicly available scripts.

Current features:
Screen Grab
Lua file detection
Convar force detection

Current QAC Vers

**Changelog **

3/26/14 – V 1.0 Public
5/25/14 – V 1.1 – Added a quack sound because yolo
6/8/14 – V 1.2 – Most likely last version. Only making sure it works 100% and no retarded errors
7/21/14 – v 1.3

thats pretty friendly of you
i suppose someone might learn something from it

(also kinda feel bad for the (hundreds?) that paid for it)

I felt a bit iffy about it as well, but I guess added security of it being >slightly< more private I guess as well as instant updates is a plus

Got this error on TTT server.

[ERROR] addons/qac/lua/autorun/server/sv_qac.lua:343: attempt to index global 'ds' (a nil value)
  1. fn - addons/qac/lua/autorun/server/sv_qac.lua:343
   2. unknown - addons/ulib/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:183

Quick analysis of your AC:

Screencapture was taken from **paid **admin mod named “Serverguard”.

I heard you think everything is based off Lua RunString functions. You are wrong.

Nice work making your anticheat ignore yourself.

Malicious code that crashes clients.

Nice work stealing my friend’s (Leystryku) antispeedhack idea from HeX’s server.
Static tickrate (66) will confuse users on servers with higher tickrate and will stop banning cheaters on servers with lower one.

After serveral days copypasting and leaking other people’s code, hopefully, it will be worth the wait.

I still think Zerothefallen is one of the sketchy-est members of the gmod community, but, I had the paid version of this AC and it worked beautifully (aside from banning everyone online when I forgot to remove it while editing server files)

RunString command can be dangerous and is the most commonly used command to stream people’s rcon pass through infected addons (traitor glows, gamble, there were a few new ones)

There are plenty of devs that code themselves into their code, it’s easy to find and remove if you really want to, if not then it may make it easier for him to help you trouble shoot some things.

The (“cam.End3D()”) isn’t really malicious unless it’a s malicious user, it will auto crash hackers that it catches, at least it doesn’t use the method where it writes thousands of temp files to make it crash because that one is a motherfucker. lol

It sucks that I paid for it and it’s free now but I caught it on sale so at least it wasn’t $15 like some people put out. (I’m really hoping this doesn’t make the next batch of script kiddies work around this AC since it’s free now, but only time will tell and Zero was pretty good at pushing out updates when he noticed things)

RunString can be easily bypassed by unsing analogs of it like RunStringEx or CompileString, also original RunString function can be accessed using debug.getupvalue or some other shit.

  • RunString override can cause conflicts of other scripts that use it for non-malicious purposes.

"There are plenty of devs that code themselves into their code, it’s easy to find and remove if you really want to, if not then it may make it easier for him to help you trouble shoot some things. "

What’s the problem? You people usually buy things from CH, if there’s some things like that on CH addon usually gets removed. If you download it from pub - please consider checking it for mailicious stubs of code or code things yourself, or hire coders, developers, whatever.

And as i told you again, it has a lot of things that he uses without a permission he could kindly ask about, or code some things himself using his brain and hands, but he didn’t (ZF, are you that stupid?).

As i said above, antispeedhack works the wrong way and can cause false detections = false player movement breaks and other things.

“It sucks that I paid for it” yeah i agree, you paid for such a garbage anticheat.

P. S.
Scriptkiddies can’t make, analyze and reverse things without examples and tutorials, so, don’t worry, there’s won’t be made any bypasses so fast.

Wasn’t there a crash command in one of the Coderhire ULX essentials pack

It was either that or something that forced a webpage open on a user, but I actually think it was both

it was both, and that was the one I was talking about that wrote thousands of tmp files to crash the client. I got Cobalt to code me a different method, so, anytime someone fucks up enough that I have to go deal with it myself they usually get

and a crash ban

It’s harsh, but I’m not easy to piss off either… I don’t mind if people rdm me so long as there is a laugh involved.

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You really shouldn’t. They were dumb enough to pay money for this.

That is quite dickish. At least opening it in a new tab doesn’t force it to focus on that tab, like the other version of that does. I’m not a hacker, but I now have a fine reason to stay away from you server. Jerk :v

(User was banned for this post ("Don't quote shock links" - Craptasket))

lol it’s not a very common occurrence you have to be a special douche to receive that kind of action, you know you’ve played with people that totally deserved it before. alt+f4 and you’re done and can move on.

  1. No its not the screengrab is from a public screengrab addon called pablo’s screengrab and I asked him for permission… Who are you trying to fool kid lol?

  2. Runstring detour was in place to stop backdoors since a heavy majority of them used runstring at the time, why are you crying so much?

  3. anticheat was ignoring me in the beginning for testing, i most likely forgot to take it out, can check every version of QAC on coderhire if you want, none of them contain me. As if I need it to ignore me anyways.

  4. I dont care if its malicious little skids like you shouldnt be cheating cry more.

  5. leystryku’s idea is 10 lines, and using higher than 66 tick rate is derp as well, shouldnt happen in the first place.

I know you like showing off your “1337 lua chets!!!” all over FP, except no one cares dude. Stop crying and being a little child, like damn.

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keeping sucking leystryku’s dick though when he’s a confirmed asshole, ddoser, and someone who sucks other coder’s cocks to help him all the time

Anyone else see the irony here?

Thanks for trying to make a witty response. I am still wondering how this thread turned into “oh no i hate the coder boohoo”

Want to keep it on topic? ty

Thank you, I strive to one day have a post history that’s as witty and smug as yours.

It comes with being a “coder” selling other people’s code as your own (permission or no permission it’s still not your code no matter how many variable names you change), but don’t worry about it for you brought it upon yourself.


QAC has always been doing a good job at keeping legit players out of servers while letting cheaters stay, so if I were you I would have at least put more work into foreign source detection or eliminated it completely (as it causes a lot of false positives).

Speedhack prevention, as mentioned before by NanoCat, is broken on servers that are running on tickrates higher/lower than 66. Any easy fix for that would’ve been to perform a tickrate detection:
tickRate = math.floor( 1 / engine.TickInterval() )
But I guess it’s too much to ask for people to deliver a quality product if they’re already putting a price tag on it.

Every other feature of it is pretty generic (and horribly scripted) and does its job of keeping skids out.

I am one of the people that actually bought this AC awhile back ago (just started getting sick of all of the cheaters on my server). It does what is intended to do and has given me no problems to this date. I feel neutral about you making this free, kinda sucks for the people that bought it but at least there will be more servers with less cheaters.

That’s all I need

I’m sorry, but it would’ve been completely spread all over regardless of if I released it or not at that point. Without CH restricting them any longer, people would’ve uploaded their own versions and I would rather them not mutate it into a cesspool of malicious shit.

Did you just achieve division through a while loop?

Didn’t you release the same thing in a thread started 2 weeks ago…