Quad display help

I’m am trying to use a Quad to display my ammo and fire mode for one of my weapons, it is a grenade launcher/sniper and i can choose between normal firemode and sniper firemode, i am just having issues with the Quad display, i’ve done just about everything that i have found and none of it works, please help me.

some code would be helpful. we cant help you if you:
A - Dont show us any code at all, and
B - Dont show us screenshots of the issues

right, here’s a code snippet from my SWEP:Initialize()

[lua] if CLIENT then

local weapon = LocalPlayer():GetActiveWeapon()

if (!Zoomed) then

draw.SimpleText(“FireMode: Normal”, “default”, 0, 0, Color(255,255,255,255))

draw.SimpleText(“FireMode: Sniper”, “default”, 0, 0, Color(255,255,255,255))



Why do people not use


'Cause most people are new to this kind of thing, like myself.

if your quad is backwards you wont be able to see the rendered text. try using this below and let us know if you can see it. if you can then your quad is rotated the wrong way


Thank you, it works now, all i had to do was to go to my quad predifined in my velement table and rotate it

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thank you, you guys, this is what it looks like now

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Normal Mode

Sniper Mode