I made this quadbike and people want me to start releasing my stuff so this’ll probably shut them up for a while :smiley:

My first ever quadbike and release. Read the NOTE.txt in the zip file.


You probably didn’t need to keep the suspension ropes, but it looks nice and simple. Almost too simple, to be honest. It could use a bit more… pizazz.

Looks very good, but, as the guy above said, could use more detail, I.E. fake suspension springs, stuff like that. But it’s very good looking at the moment, and if the suspension is good, would be fun to ride around in.

Simple but looks like you can have some fun driveing it.

Add oh I don’t know, details. How about a motor. Exhaust(s). Suspension details. That kinda stuff.

Thank you for making download!
This thing works nicely

Yo Lawliet, why don’t you show him the Scania? :smiley:

Need more deatails.

lol kling you bumped

I’ll post teh scania here when it’s done I think :stuck_out_tongue: