Quake 2 map port.

As you can see, I’m porting a map for source, and I need help with textures: How to apply them manually faster?

:zoid: Cheers.

If you can even get that to compile correctly your still going to be stuck replacing the textures one by one, sorry.

Uh, that’s be pain in ass, but it’s worth it, I want quake maps in Source.

use the replace tool in the texture editor, once you have ported every texture to vtf/vmt format just replace the old name by the new source one. there isn’t 4000 textures per map in Q2 so it shouldn’t take more than 30 mins to do.

If the pre-Source and Source textures share the same names/paths and the only difference being the file types; why Hammer isn’t picking up the textures, he could just open the map up in Notepad++ and Find/Replace all .whateveroldformat to .vmt and .vtf respectively.

Sorry if I’m a bit off, I’ve never ported anything texture/modeling wise.

Q2 is wad based just like HL1 from what I remember, therefore the name is going to be something like OUT_PAV2.

a .map can be imported in HL1 hammer 3.4/3.5, it can then be saved as rmf and a rmf can be imported in HL2 Hammer 4.0. There will be no texture appearing (the map will be completely white) because in a wad everything is stored in a single file but the texture names and coordinates will be here. They’ll even appear on the list of map problems as texture not found.

Once you have converted all the textures to source format, use the texture editor tool, use replace, enter the original quake 2 texture name and as replacement the source version of it which is going to be something like deagle195quake2/out_pav2 and tada everything is retextured correctly in 10 minutes. It’s the magic of being based on the same base map format.

I ported all the Q2 textures to HL1 once, and it was awful.