Quake 3 Arena in Garry's Mod

Everyone knows Quake. This addon will add all Quake 3 weapons, gamemode, some maps, etc into your Gmod.

Download it from workshop now!



Thanks to:
And you, Facepunch!

This looks awesome. Hopes this gets some attention and people support you in your work.


Looks like an interesting project to keep an eye on.

A new screenshot shows the progress

Make sure to implement the physics we all love.

Strafe jumping?

Absolutely, and gaining extreme speeds by bunny hopping and the never-ending rocket jumping sessions.

Can’t wait for this to be made! Keep that great work, bro! :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to leave for two weeks. Most of weapons are not finished, so if you want to see something, I can give you only a very simple gamemode with railgun and q3dm17 map.

Download (put in gamemodes)

Don’t download this if you want to see finished addon!

Now that thing fits to DarkRP.

As voice said, “Player’s goal is to get most frags, or kills”


, bitches

If you can make a full Q3 gamemode with the movement etc.

I’ll make Defrag for it.

I make a gamemode, but I not sure about movement

Looks good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Progress of q3dm2

Updated main post. And look at that horrible logo, lol

Added a gameplay video.

God damn this is so sick… Keep up the good work!

Looks very promising!

Addon is out! Download it from workshop now!