Quake 3 Arena Maps in Garry's Mod (beta Maps)

I already read a thread that says that we need to rescale and such to remake the map, even you find a way to import it to Hammer.

So, I decided to make my favorite Quake 3 Maps by scratch. I’m still new on hammer Tool, but I’m learning quickly. I know a way to use user textures that r made for Q3A to Garry or other Source engines, but it still needs work due to texture lock or some sort when have a Source and Hammer tool up. When u lower the Source engine many times or have hammer Tool up while the Source engine is up, the texture looks corrupted. Black and White strips with many color blends. As I said, I’m still new at this.

Here is the Q3DM17 map and the extras needed to see the Q3DM17 map perfectly from MegaUpload. I’m not sending it to Garry’s Mod site yet due to that it’s still a beta. And some of the Jump pads (a.k.a
trigger_push) are missing due to the angle problem that I’m having.


Please tell me how well I done, even thought that these are custom Q3A textures for Quake 3 that imported to Garry’s Mod. If you guys want to help me with this map. Ask me and I’ll give you guys the map data for Hammer Tool.

Pictures ?
And should’nt this be in releases?

I going to show pictures soon, but this isn’t a full release. To me, release when the maps are completely finish. This is a beta. When it’s finish, it will soon be a release.

Also, This made for the sandbox mode. I did not make it as a deathmatch. I would added as deathmatch if I had HL2 Deathmatch, but my PC sux for using a Chipset from Intel and I don’t have enough money to get a graphics card to get Deathmatch for free on Steam.

Since this is made as a SandBox mode, u guys can actually use this as a Comic strip or videos, just like Machinma’s 100 ways to die in Gmod or DasBoSchitt’s Gmod Idiot Box. Have fun. I’ll get the pictures up soon.

YAY! Quake 3 maps!

Here’s the picture that u waited for. I did preview the pic first and it was a bit too large on the wide side.

Go to the link to see the pic for yourselves.

that actually looks good
its taking shape

I recommend using replacement textures instead of the original Q3 textures. Quake 3 was made in a time where most video cards only supported 256x256 textures (the only video card at the time with big texture support was the Voodoo5, but 32M per chip crippled its use.)

Source is designed to use 512x512 textures or larger, and 256x256 textures in Source generally look blurry and terrible. Not to mention the shaders in Q3 are vastly different from Source material scripts. Some Q3 textures would be impossible to replicate in Source without using an animated texture which would significantly increase file size.

Thanx. I still need to work withe trigger push commands for the angles so that u get to the 2nd floor a lot easier, but each time I make an angle push, it only push u back when I test it out. I think I need to make another trigger command to trip of that trigger.

Yes. It’s still taking some shape to be Q3DM17. By looking at the pictures closely. I still need to work with the jump platform on top platforms. Also, the lone platform far from the main platform need to go a lot further away from the main platform.

I hope I get this done and figure out how to fix those angle trigger_push so that it springs u backward to the 2nd platforms.

I don’t mind anyone help me with this map. Just send me a PM and I’ll sned u a Hammer Tool save map of Q3DM17 to ya.

I’m also working on Q3DM12, my favorite of the bunch, to Garry’s Mod.I got the first room mostly done.I need to get to the halls next and such.

BTW. anyone good of making automatic door (like in Port) that looks like Quake 3 Arena’s Door. I’m happy to use those doors.

If we do this thing right,we can get a great team to finish off our favorite maps from Quake 3 to Garry. I definitely know that these maps will take a long while to make, even from anyone on here. I’m just asking if you guys want to join to make any edits or start making these maps, it will be great for anyone who loves playing Q3A on Garry.

Sorry for repeating my of couple of times. I’m just use to doing that. :stuck_out_tongue:


To avoid double posting:

Ok. Even though these are Q3A textures, but they are custom made textures for it Q3A. I only use custom texture, by user to avoid copying Textures from id. Yes, I know the scale ain’t fully perfect like Q3A. I still getting trying to get that done closely as possible.

As I said before. Anyone can help me with this map. If you want to change the textures to make it close to Q3A, that’s fine. I’ll keep using of what I got from the custom textures. You guys can finish it off by editing it a bit more if you want.

We can make these maps as a team. I don’t care if I or anyone puts these up on Garry’s Mod site when it’s fully finish. By as long people, like me, are created to doing the work and also give credit to id. Of course this is an id game map that I, or anyone else is helping, are recreating.

Double Edit:

I forgot that I was using a patch on Q3A. I’m not mean the id’s Q3A patch (this is also good for no-cd patch), but an texture patch to make the game look a bit more HQ. This HQ textures are different then the standard Q3A textures. Since these are custom textures, I can actually use these. Sad part is that I have to look every Pak PK3 files to find the textures we need and use those new Texture, since the texture patch replaces the old textures. If they are still a bit small, I can amped the size up to 512x 512 as GiGaBite suggested awhile back. This is a simple copy and paste to each side from the 256x 256 to make it larger to the size needed for Source Engine games. When I find the right textures, I’ll put them in the newer beta.

If you guys can help me for any purpose of this map. I will be very happy for the work you’re doing to make it look better. I was mostly going for simple look-alike map, but I think It should be as close to the Q3A’s as possible from the pros, maybe like you guys.

The beta map is here for everyone to test and they can join in the fun to either to enjoy or fix any problems of the map.

uhm… maybe you can get better textures from Quake Live

Quake live == Quake 3 with tons of ingame advertising, and it’s web based. Aside from that, everything is essentially the same.

Quake Lie is a bit better then Quake 3 by the look and up-to-date with it’s features and they kept their old game tricks that people used during Quake 3. But, as bohb said, it’s a web game and u can’t get textures from that way. I would just play my Quake maps from either Quak3 or Live, but my Computer is having a problem with using Quake Live. So, I decided to try to get any of the Quake 3 Maps that I love to any game sources that I have.

Since I only got the Orange Box, Counter Strike Source, and Garry’s Mod. I thought of putting my favorite Quake 3 maps on the Source Engine. Since back then. Source was using a Quake Engine for HL1 and other games back in the day til they fully got they Engine they wanted to created for HL2 and the other games that came out on Source Engine. I never thought HL1 was using Quake 1 Engine with some Quake 2 stuff in the mix. And just create they characters and maps for their game.

Enough of Source, this is about Quake 3 maps. I’m going to find those texture that I used for Quake 3 itself since I used a texture patch on Quake 3. When I find it, the beta map will be updated to that render of textures. Anyone else is good using the Hammer Tool by using Trigger_Push and such. Pleas notify me by a PM so I can give you the Hammer map save and you can finish up the angle jump pad problems that I’m having.

I want to get this done soon so that I can release it on here and Garry’s Mod site. Don’t worry. You guys will be created if you did any of the work.

I decided to create another map. This one is my favorite map of them all. Q3DM12, also known as Dredwerks.

This will be a bit hard for making the platforms, walls, and such. Right now, I’m having a a bug with the automatic door in front of the pic I’m showing.

I did what Valve Developer Community said to make a door. From this link.

But, the door does open, but no animation. Looks closed, but u can go right through it like noclip. It also stays open. I’m still working on how to fix that and also hope someone out there knows how to create automatic doors so I can replace Portal doors with those kinds of doors. It has to open and close like the Portal doors.

This is still a one room and one hallway right now. I’m still trying to fix the bugs so that I can continue this no problem.

I hope u get ready to play Sandbox, Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch because this is what it’s made for.

That means you can play this on Garry’s Mod, HL2: Deathmatch, Counter-Strike: Source (which I will add the Terrorist and Counter Terrorist in later on), and Probably TF2. This map should also work with mods for those type of games.

Edit: I’m almost fixing the Portal Door to let u through. Only the left door works at the time. I’m going to fix the right door so I can continue off with the other doors, halls, and rooms. Also, I need to recreate the underwater path as well, since the whole area of the two major rooms are connected to that and a small room by the underwater path. So, fixing that is also a major in my book as well. I’m mostly doing solids first before doing complete details. Even though Q3DM17 of mine is only half detailed then the Q3DM17 that we know in Q3A.

Double Edit: I got the Door and the water pathway done. But, I think I made the holes to go between the two major rooms a bit too large. I have to rework that a bit later. But, It is now connected. I’ll probably continue on with the other halls and outside room before I continue working on the water path. At least it’s taking shape. :stuck_out_tongue: