Quake 3 playermodels.

Helo guys. So, i decided to make some Quake 3 player models, but i can’t rip them. So, it will be nice if someone give me some models in T-pose. Thanks. Models i need are visor and grunt, i prefer them firstly.

Thanks in advance!

As you can see, i’m making quake characters for upset’s quake 3 gmod gamemode. I’ll try to make all characters, but it will take a long time because i have to t-pose them myself. At the moment i have 4 characters done with all their skins: Bitterman, Grunt, Visor and Ranger.

Since they’re vertex animated, you’ll have to T-pose them yourself.

Hmmm, ok, that’s will be hard…

As far as ripping goes, the .pk3 file format is the exact same as a .zip file so if you just rename the pak files to have a .zip extension you can extract them like a .zip and you will have the models in a .md3 format

Each playermodel is made of three separate models though

Yeah, i know it. But the main problem that models doesn’t have reference pose, and it makes rig harder

i dont recall quake 3 being vertex animated

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i guess it was, thought only quake 1 and 2 had it

So, after around 3 - 4 hours, i’ve rigged this guy. I’m gonna add team skins plus Gorre skin, and maybe port another models.

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And guys, is it possible to add sounds to player model? E.g. Jump sound, hurt sound, etc?

I’ve added some skins

Some updates

Great work so far, keep at it!

You gonna do my main man Klesk? If so I wanna do a small overhaul on him once you port him.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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maybe, i’m planning to port sarge and crash next

I figure I’ll help you, and went snooping in pak3s of Quake Live. Extracted them all… but yet.

I’m pretty sure there are more than 3 characters.

I already have all characters, i mean, that i’ll port sarge and crash next, because it’s so hard to set them in t-pose

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how do you open qlive packs?

Yeah, you have the Quake 3 ones. Supposidly Live ones have bigger textures and a bit better models.

wow, thanks for your help! I thought that qlive packs are protected…

Any more news on these? I loved your Serious Sam 3 port and it’d be great to have Ranger and Grunt running around with their detailed Q3A models instead of their battered old Q1/2 models. :smile:

I don’t think it’s possible for the model itself but you could probably add a Lua script in the autorun folder that plays the sounds when you play as that model.

Yeah, i’ll continue work on models at the thursday, at the moment, i’m start making ranger.

So guys, i’ve done 3 characters at the moment, you can check them if you’ll download Quake 3 Gmod.