Quake 4 models

what im hopeing for is a Quake 4 model pack and doom 3 and maybe a few models that look like this ttp://img217.imageshack.us/img217/5896/ndvd006na6.png and maybe a few lord of the rings models like the balistas and stuff

  1. go to the main garrysmod page here
  2. scroll down
  3. go into the subsection that says “MODELS” in big blue letters
  4. go into the “requests” area
  5. make a request topic
  6. slap forehead in disappointment at how stupid you were

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Not seen any models that look like that pic O.o (also it has nothing to do with the rest of what you said). I think some people were having a go at getting models from Quake 4 and there are some models and NPCs around of some Doom 3 models (but only a couple).

We need the Doom 3 monsters as NPCs. All i have is the Hellknight one.

And the Makron would be awesome to have. I never finished the game personally, i almost shit myself when i was walking down a dark tunnel and some massive thing burst through the wall.

lol iv played both games but the models they have are few and most dont work i want the strogg elties and stuff like the medical guys the ones that turn you into a strog and maybe a few emo models


yeh they need more then what they have now like the strogg that u are in the second half of the game


These are css models, but it is easy to figure out how to make them gmod models.


You don’t “make” CS:S models into GMod models (unless you mean playermodels, NPCs wont work right for some reason), you just put them into GMod like you would any other model and they work.

Aren’t Quake 4 models .md5 like Doom 3 models are?

i have no idea im not a modder

I believe they are. I could fire it up again, but i dont have the space right now.


I has news! I did have enough room, and now i have one model, my fav the Makron, in 3ds Max.

However, while i have the textures, its difficult to get them to work.

Here are the world models of the weapons. keep in mind what i said, the textures arent cooperating, so they look strange.











The hell did they do to the helmet texture? The colours look wrong.

You probberly need to rotate the textures to make them UV right, models from games sometimes import with a UV that is upside down to the texture no idea why.

Any easy way to do so? Or i could again pass them on to an experienced person. Shouldnt be a “warez” problem, seeing as you cant play Quake 4 using the gun models.

I only seem skilled at ripping shit.

If their TGA files open the textures in whatever image editor you use and find the rotate tool and rotate them 180 at first then test, then if it isn’t solved rotate 90 degrees, test, repeat until it does. If their BMP files double click on them and they should open in the windows picture viewer, click on the little curly arrows until the image i upside down, then close and test, if it doesn’t solve it rotate around until it does. If the issue is not solved by rotating it, the UV is screwed and theres not much you can do about it :S

ah awesome
Thanks, ill try that now.

np hope it works ^^

Do you happen to know what the pistol looks like? I can only get pictures from FP angle.














Does that look right?

I have no idea what they should look like but all but the second one appear to be alligned right now (as the shapes on the texture fit correctly and appear to have the barrel holes and such). The smoothing appears to not have been ported though.

Could it be possible for us to get The Makron?