Quake 4 Models

I haven’t seen too many Quake 4 models on the internet, so I decided to make a thread about well… Quake 4 models!

I plan on extracting most of the Strogg models, props, vehicles and other stuff.

(Yes I know there was already a Quake 4 model thread, but its so old)
(I also know the game is pretty old)

If you need a certain model or even sounds, just ask. I’ll get them for you.
Each download contains
MD5 Models
MD5 Animations
Textures in TGA
Textures in DDS
A .obj of the model

USS Hannibal


Dropship (Interior and Exterior)


Heavy Hover Tank (Strogg)



I messaged you, regarding this. Did the message get through?

Yes it did.

Tonight ill be getting the following models.
-Kane (Human)
-Kane (Strogg)
-Hyperblaster (Viewmodel and worldmodel)
-Machinegun (Viewmodel and Worldmodel)
-Grenade Launcher (Viewmodel and Worldmodel)

-Quad Damage Powerup
-Doubler Team Powerup

Again if you need any sounds, just ask. And keep in mind that when i upload stuff, they come with animations

Understood. There are other weapons I’m looking at for Quake IV as well. But I just wanted to start it small. Because I have no idea how time consuming the process would be for you.

It doesn’t take that long. Some models are located somewhere else but I can find them

All of the Quake 4 Weapons (Viewmodel and world)




Marines will come later…
So will powerups

Your work is appreciated. Well done, although I didn’t see any of the files in a .obj format at all. Are the actual weapon models the .md5mesh files for all the weapons?

Yeah. You can use a program called Noesis to open the md5mesh and the animations. Noesis opens alot of game files

There’s a bunch precompiled for gmod over here.

Yeah I remember seeing that before. Need more ports to gmod tbh

This weekend I’ll extract more stuff. Which may or may not include all the Strogg.
Then I’ll see about finding the textures for the computers in the game, would make a good desktop background

[del]Is there no way to get the models with original rigging?[/del]
nvm got it

These models use colored specular so it should be fun to port stuff

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Valkyries733, the makron is missing his eye textures im crying

Are the view models complete though? If I remember correctly the viewmodels for quake wars were not.

They have holes in them, just checked

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So much for posing props then, guess worldmodels will have to do.

They do because in first person you don’t see that side of the weapon. Most CSS weapons are also like that

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I’ll get them for you. All the strong (including Kane) share the same eye textures

No worries i got everything sorted

It would be awesome to see a Quake 4 weapons or SNPCs for Garry’s Mod. Also if you need sounds just ask

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