Quake 4 Raws

While on that other site, someone asked me in IRC to do a raw extract of Quake 4. Enjoy!

Non commercial and Fair-use only.

the links will expire in a month or so… remember to share it if you download it.

Now for those that are new.
the program use to extract is “Dragon Unpacker” and its fairly simple to use and it isn’t a command line tool with no readme!

missing links

“the links will expire in a month or so… remember to share it if you download it.”

Why not set up a torrent? Would probably keep it alive longer.

i don’t really want to get into that and plus is there a site that allows for upload of torrents and seeds them? i don’t think there is.

Just use Dropbox or Mega. You won’t have to split the files that way.

they still have to fight my awful upload rate and i ain’t going to reupload them because this took a day.


but if theres anything missing like rars or files, just tell me and i’ll get onto it.

Thanks for the upload, though some rars are missing. Parts 44, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, and 85.

i’ve updated the OP. Oh, if your going to do porting i wouldn’t mind seeing the USS Hannibal

and hyperblaster along with the lightning gun.

Hopefully someone re-compiles all the links into one link because it would take any person all day just to download it.

Torrents aren’t illegal.

that would be interesting to see, but its doubtful.

Thanks for uploading the missing ones. I would port them though unfortunately I do not know how, I am only familiar with Maya, so I just mess around with stuff in there.

Edit: Also, it didn’t take long to download, just lots of clicking.
Edit2: For anyone else who is downloading, I had to use win-rar to extract, 7zip would not work. I also removed the numbers after the ‘_’, not sure if that made a difference or not for extracting.

yeah, i used winrar and split a single file.