Quake Champions - UV Mapping

So I got the classic RL and its textures, but I don’t know how to properly add the textures. I literally have no clue on what to do and any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: Same thing with ranger.

I did however get this working.

I can get the map models in pieces, but I am too tired to attempt to texture them right now. Probably wont work anyway but I’ll try tomorrow.

Maybe try to flip UV?

I did. Flipped it on its X and Y multiple times with different sizes.

The right half of your UV-map looks like it would fit perfectly into the left half. Try stretching your x-axis to double its value (x=2; y=1).

This kinda worked. I did as you said and had to flip it on the y axis. Thanks for the tip! Going to see if it works for ranger now.

When trying to get Arena DOOM Guy, there was literally no UV map for him. Anyone know how I’d make one fit with the textures using blender?

There’s no easy way to do it, unless there’s a way I haven’t heard to rediscover “hidden UVs” or some stuff like that I wouldn’t even try to make my own.

When I unwrap the helmet it has the correct mapping, but its not in the right order or the right size. I’d hate to have to put all those pieces perfectly in the correct spot and risk a shitty result. Somebody has to know what to do

Are you planning on rigging this models for anything? hint hint

Only for CGI. I don’t plan on porting them to old quake. A friend of mine might do that though.

How are you extracting them in the first place? My friend can’t get into the files with ninja ripper because Quake Champions won’t launch with it

Do you mind others porting them to say… Source games if they asked politely? :wink:

Others can port them to source, but I don’t plan on porting them outside of blender myself.

To rip from Quake Champions, first you need to put the QC path in the exe and directory sections. Then you’ll want to make a new folder for the ripped models to go. You can name this anything and put it anywhere, it doesn’t matter. The keybindings I have are ALL = f12 Textures = f9 Forced = f10. I’ve only seen forced and textures work in QC. Make sure you are using D3D11 wrapper then click run. If it shows up with “Network not available” hit retry. Then just hit f10 and f9 to get the meshes and textures.
You will need to use noesisv and a plugin that allows noesisv to use the .rip files that Ninjaripper produces. I do not have a link to them right now but I will update this post if I do. Once you have those installed you should see files like this.

I sort through these by looking at the date I ripped them. Take note, I found you can only take one rip from a session before you need to start over (Not confirmed, but this is what happened to me). You’ll have 3 folders with the same date. Click on the one that has the date folder inside of it and there should be some textures and meshes. The other textures will obviously be in the textures folder.