Quake Champions

I used the Qpak to open the PAK files from quake champions

But up on opening I see that everything has a *.PCT file extention.
I have yet to find a way to open or use the PCT files, Does anyone here have a clue ?

Day 1 post here

NinjaRipper Now works with QC
Someone on Deviantart already ripped off B.J. QC model

Could you get the doom Guy variants out? That would be cool to look at and possibly mod into Doom 3 (as a replacement for the doom 3 marine)

This does not include rigging, and as such dramatically slows down the speed at which models can be ported (since, you know, they need to be re-rigged). This isn’t the end of the world, as the BJ model port demonstrates, but it does throw a spanner in the works.

True, plus if we can open the *.PAK files why not just find a way to open the file extentions.
Should speed everything up a lot.

A guy called “outlaw” has ported the Doom 3 Marine model to SFM. There’s room for improvement, but it’s pretty good as it stands.

I’m excited for classic doom guy

I have all the main characters ripped now, it’s just a matter of sorting the rips and rigging now. I’ll hopefully snag all the Doomguy variants in a day or two as well.

You have no idea how happy that makes me :smiley:
Would it be possible to also dump the raw obj files and textures?
I want to try and edit the suits for 3d printing.

I just want the models in Blender. Can you make this happen? If not I can put it together in blender myself. Wanna start doing things with classic doom guy

Got Doomguy’s classic skin out- ripped the others as well, but haven’t sorted through them yet.

Also, have some pictures of BJ Blazkowicz’s other outfits.
Got BJ’s “The Legend” skin out and sorted now

I’ve ripped Quake 3 Doom skin, but unfortunately without accessories

My friend just bought Quake for me and so far I am loving it. I have ninja ripper but I don’t know how to use it. I’ve looked up tutorials but nothing has helped. My hotkeys are shift+F4 to extract all. Everytime I start up the game with NR it says I can’t connect to the network. Anyone know how to get around this?

Orange released a texture viewer for PCT files

If only I had the game

Since I can’t connect from the bethesda files I tried going to steamapps and doing it there since I bought the game on steam but everytime I click run with ninjaripper the game never loads up and just shows a black screen then crashes.

Any more luck with the rest of models dude ?
I’ve been hitting brick walls all over.

Just tossing my hat in here. I don’t know how to go about ripping the game models but I can rig and skin paint.

Ripping at this point is using ninjaripper and nothing more…
Then you get a dump of 400 different files and you open them one by one (seriously why isnt there a bulk import script?).
and then go from there a little bit at a time.
I’m currently looking to get the weapons out unless someone else is already working on that

There is a bulk import script, at least for 3ds Max. It’s just a separate tab in the importer script’s window.
Also I would have more, but right now I’m too busy with midterms looming in. I’ll try to organize more rips soon though, and hopefully finish rigging the Quake Ranger as well.