Quake Player Models.

Hello You,
I’m currently working on making a Gmod13 gamemode wich is based off Quake.
And since I’m not a good modeler as a scripter I’m searching somebody to make some models.
Send me a message on the forum if you can help me out.

~ There will be a reward.

Which Quake? Because i’ve already got the models from Quake 4 Extracted and ready as a RAW.

- Edit As for Quake 3, I’ve got that around somewere. But Quake 2 and Quake 1, I haven’t seen those in years.

I have the Quake 1 player model laying around somewhere, converted from a HL1DM port, but it uses the HL1DM animations instead of the HL2/GMOD ones.

I preffer the Quake 1 Models but Quake 3 would also be alright.