Quality changes


Made a healthbar, worked perfect but when i put it in my server the quality changes (becomes really ugly)
The pixels are changing on the sides to a really bad quality:


Thanks for your time!

Why are you hardcoding positions? This will be awful on any resoultion that isn’t the one you designed it on. Stick to the code that I gave you.

But the RoundedBox’s look pixelated because: you’re setting the rounding to 110% the height and it isn’t an even number.

But it is high resolution in singleplayer? How does it become that it’s awfull resolution in multi?
And when i put the rounding back to the normal it just becomes a box. It only works when the roundedboxes are small.

The server you put it on does not run the latest version of the game. ( Or you have edited core game files on your client OR server, or an addon did )

Ah, okay i will try to update my server then! Thanks for the reply!

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It worked! Thank you for your help!