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Hello everyone! I avoided posting in the “what do you need help with” thread because I wanted to start an actual discussion that could benefit a lot of people with the same interests in somewhat of a unique scope. So before I go onto that, let me start off by telling you what my goals are for my own project. Below is a list of things that I want my addon to do.

<Server-Side> Keeps an inventory of all content (Maps, Models, Sounds, Materials, Addons, Etc.) in a local flatfile or db.</Server-Side>
<Client-Side> Receives list of inventory from the server and completely restricts all other content other than what’s “white listed”.</Client-Side>

Sounds simple enough for a first time project… Right? Well that’s were I think the community here can come in and not only do this for me but others as well. I consider myself to be relatively educated and I know several programming languages. I understand the logic behind LUA scripting however I haven’t yet memorized the important functions, triggers or structure for making a working addon for gmod. What I intend to do is to start a tutorial series written from the eyes of a newbie that guides others like myself into making excellent addons over time. It sounds wierd, I know but my heart is in it and I am driven by ambition for learning so it will happen. It will be less of a “tutorial” and more like a collaborative web meeting to which I’ll stream on livestream. I’ll then keep an archived video series with bookmarked points in each episode that’ll address the most crucial information.

Alright, so enough about my dumb video lesson plan ideas and onto the real point of all this additional reading. What I wanted to ask with much respect to the community is this; As developers, artists and forum trolls alike, what are lessons that you’ve learned while making your creations that would have benefitted you the most if you had known earlier on. Is there any information that you’d give yourself relevant to the success in your development that you’d consider most important?

People often join servers that they find are easy to relate to and have some kind of saved progression, I think