Quality Quaestors | Cider Two | 24/7

Hello! I’m the owner and creator of Quality Quaestors, which is a stable, structured, and quality based Garry’s Mod community. We’ve got a 32 slots Cider Two server hosted by www.plugpayplay.com with 500 FPS, Non-Branded, and with high quality. Our administration is controlled by a professional team of experienced Garry’s Mod veterans. We seek quality where ever we play, and we make sure that what we operate is based on top quality. If you’re looking for top quality managed servers by professional and serious administrators, you’ve come to the right place.

Website: www.webwheel.info
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/qualityq
Tag: ||QQ||
Hosting company: www.plugpayplay.com

Our Leadership
Community Manager: Gurrazor
Super Administrator: Inquisitioner
Super Administrator: Paladint
Super Administrator: Raul
Web Designer: Orukum

We need everybody we can get. Join us! Join Quality Quaestors! Join the server! We’re also looking for good labor for our administration and moderation. Mostly we just need some server traffic.




That looks fun, I might pop in sometime.

Best community ever! Great admins and great people!

Gurrazor is just the most professional and qualified community manager ever seen.

EDIT: The reason for the last negative edit was because of a “facepunch-rape”. Sorry for that!

Thank you, and be welcome to join. :smile:

I’m gonna join right now, someone else should come too :3:

We will have an event now, so please join :smile:

That was very immature, i’m currently a administrator on QQ. QQ had some problems with the administrators for a while, aswell many fail-roleplayers. But they got banned, and the fail administrators got removed, and most of them banned. I promise you that you won’t get dissapointed if you start playing. It’s full of good roleplayers, fun and good admins. One of the best community’s ever =)

I am joining right now, despite my previous experiences (Your phase four server.) I’ll post a review when I’m done playing.

Okay. Well, I think you missed the event though.

Weird about qwertymnbv. He must have edited his post I guess…

Steven. When I ran Phase Four, I did it with a guy named Macbacon who’s pretty unstable. I did it because he was the one owning Phase Four. Now, I’ve bought Cider Two, and the server has become a lot more qualitative.

If some people are skeptical about my title, I just want to notice you that it’s been bought by a minge who thought it was hilarious.