Quality Web Hosting for your Community [XenonServers.com]

Whether you are just starting your community or are an established community, Xenon Servers, used by over 500 active clients, can satisfy your web hosting needs. With years of experience in the web hosting and game server industry, we can accurately and efficiently address your needs! We’ve been tried and tested and put through our paces, but have reigned on top of other shoddy businesses. With an in-house American-based support team, you know you’re getting hand-written responses. We stand backed behind our product 100%.

What can Xenon Servers offer me?
[li] Unmetered Disk Space
[/li][li] Unmetered Bandwidth
[/li][li] Unlimited Domains
[/li][li] Unlimited Sub-domains
[/li][li] Unlimited Email Accounts
[/li][li] Unlimited Mailing Lists
[/li][li] Unlimited MySQL Databases
[/li][li] Unlimited FTP Accounts
[/li][li] cPanel 11 with Fantastico De Luxe
[/li][li] RVSkin
[/li][li] RVSiteBuilder
[/li][li] SSH Access on request

Where does Xenon Servers offer web hosting?
We utilize SoftLayer servers in the US for multiple locations such as:
*Seattle, Washington (West Coast)
*Dallas, Texas (Midwestern)
*Washington, D.C. (East Coast)

Additionally, we operate servers overseas in:
*Berkshire (Europe)
*Beijing, China (Asia)

What type of server will Xenon Servers use to host my website?
We use Dual ‘Nehalem’ Quad Core Xeon 5520 (8 CPU Cores to 16 with Hyper-Threading), 4x500GB HD RAID 10 for redundancy and optimal performance, 12GB of DDR3 memory to host those memory-intensive scripts, coupled with CentOS 5.5 64bit for unsurpassed stability, and installed with cPanel/Fantastico/RVSkin for your convenience.

Okay, but how long will my account take to setup after payment?
Account creation is instant! Once we receive the payment, you receive your account details!

I don’t run a community, does this mean Xenon Servers isn’t for me?
Absolutely not! Our web hosting is for everyone, not just communities.

Okay, I’m hooked! Where do I sign up?
Whoa there cowboy, we’re not finished yet. Did we mention we’re offering 15% off this package for the lifetime of your package! That’s web hosting at $4.25/month for this amazing package with the coupon ‘GMODCOMMUNITY’.

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Great hoster. Fast connections. Love it. Haven’t had a problem since I bought it. I though it would take a few days for the server to be up. It only took about 5 minutes. Great guy too. And the Steam clients help a TON.

I’ve been hosting my server with them for a couple months now, no complaints whatsoever.

The built-in fast download server is a godsend, and the tech support are quick, efficient and thorough.

Also the logo is ballin’. :wink:

I use Xenon’s web hosting for my web application development, and it’s always available and fast. Xenon’s support is great with extremely fast response times. I definitely recommend them to anyone who needs web hosting.

Love their webhosting. Been using it for awhile now and never had a problem.

I’ve trusted Brock or Daxter for any of my hosting needs outside of what I can’t do. No matter what has tried to take us down, no one was able to deliver thanks to XenonServers website and Ventrilo hosting. If you host your own servers I would highly recommend their great prices for a downloadrrl/community site and if you don’t rent/colo your own hardware for gameserver hosting, XenonServers is top of the line and at least 1/2 price of other major hosters.

XenonServers is ran by some of the most trustful and friendly people out there, I would never trust my hosting to a company which doesn’t even have a face of operations or knowledgeable and helpful representatives again.

Excellent web host, my fps has never been below 70 on all Xenon servers i’ve been to.

I had Xenon Server’s Web Hosting for almost a year now never had any problems just love it. I have had many hosts before but Xenon Servers fulfills everything that i need.

This is the best web host EVAR! hehe iv been with you guys for what 5 - 6 months now and the only complaint i have is that i was not notified that my website was being moved to another server but thats no biggy

The server quality you’re on doesn’t affect your FPS…

Great servers, low prices. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for easy servers.

I wonder if he uses HLSW as a server browser, because I don’t normally check to see who hosts the server before I connect.

Also yeah, Xenon webhosting is one of the best

SteamLookup is hosted there: http://www.steamlookup.com/


I remember Xenon back in the day. You kids are so lucky you have so much more. Great GSP with great deals.

I got the website up email right after I paid for it :confused: it was 1 minute later you must have slow email.

Also best FastDL hosting ever.
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My web hosting with them is awesome! So is my server!

I host my website with them, is pretty nice.

I hear these guys are awesome.

Recently bought a Year webhosting for 25$ :slight_smile:
Use this coupon i found, “AE27J” Makes you pay only 25$ a year for a lifetime.

Great webhost didn’t had any problems so far.

I used the $25/year coupon too. Very cheap and quality hosting.