"Quantum of ZoEllis" comic teaser

Quick run down on the story without spoiling it:
This story was based off Rapist Zoey (a creation of Butthurter’s) and Psycho Ellis (a creation of Mine).

This series of comics will explain why there is an ever growing army of Zoeys, why Ellis enjoys torturing them to death (and justifies it), why Zoey is a rapist, who or what ZoEllis actually is, how Ellis and Zoey truly feel about each other, and how Zoey is still alive.

And here it is:

                               Trust me, the last climax of the series deserves this song.


About 50% of the credit goes to Butthurter for most of the ideas of the story, and the other to me for fitting it all together along with making a comic out of it.

I will start work on this comic around June 2010 due to it being the end of the school year, leaving me time to stay up all night and allowing me to work, hopefully, the first comic will be released around July, and I don’t pull a Duke Nukem Forever and delay it til I eventually not want to do it.

Awesome I’ll be looking forward to it

What he said

Me to. Knowing Demonlemon, it will not be the run of the mill stuff:smile:

Actually, it’s gonna consist of nothing but mw2 soldiers shooting offscreen. :downs:

Yea, this will be a very interesting story, it’s got some noticeable inspiration from the matrix trilogy, so expect some weird shit to go on.


Added thread music.

Oh, Dems. This is awesome, like everything you do. :dance:

During the delay between my summer vacation and now, I guess I can work on my speech bubbles and comic composition to make it even better than my previous comics

I’d love that. Also, you really made my day with the date you plan to unveil the comic on. :love:

You’re welcome. :love:

Can’t wait :frown:

Not much to comment on.

Same here.

Can’t wait :frown:

Can’t wait :love:

Nice comic… Wait?

More like Buttrape of Zoe.


Zoey is the rapist, not Ellis or anybody he meets.


Oh I see, I was looking in the opposite end.

I’m really glad that you’re so ambitious about this. And I hope you plan to keep your promises that you’ll improve your qualities with this.
Only than, you’ll truly be the most awesome guy I’ve ever met. :love: